Kashia Department of Environmental Planning



To protect the Rancheria’s air, land and water from pollution and to provide for the health and safety of its residence through a cleaner environment.




General Assistance Program- Handles Solid Waste, Clean Air, Pesticides & Emergency Preparedness

Water Program- Clean Water Grants 106 and 319

Transportation- Bureau of Indian Affairs Reservation Roads

KDEP provides technical assistance that includes maintaining drinking water standards that meet EPA requirements and protect public health.


Program Documents

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tribal Environmental Plan (ETEP).pdf

Kashia NPS Assessment Plan_2017_Revision_Final

Final SPR Solid Waste Plan

Final Drought Contingency Plan.pdf

Drought Contingency Plan Appendix.pdf

Kashia Department of Environmental Planning  Vehicle Abatement Plan ( Download Info )

KDEP Newsletters


NEW Newsletter :  SpringNewsletter_Issue_2_May_2018.pdf

Projects in Progress

Commmunity Tribal Land Managment Questionnaire_04.10.2018.pdf

—-Online Form: Tribal Community Land Management Questionnaire

Plans for Review

Coming Soon

Education Materials

Bed-Bug-Educational-Pacakage_10 23 17.pdf


Fort Ross Marine Ecology Program MEP 2019 Packet.pdf


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