Tribal Forms

Tribal Forms Section

We will keep an updated list of all the needed forms here.


  1. Employment Application ( UPDATED 06-10-2019)
  2. I-9 Employment Eligibility Form
  3. Chang of Address form – Updated 3/2020.pdf
  4. Enrollment Application
  5. Volunteer Application
  6. ID Card Form

Education ( Adult and Youth  Programs )

  1. Adult Education Application.pdf
  2. Adult Education Policy.pdf
  3. Kashia Youth Services Policy.pdf
  4. Kashia Youth Services Grades / Promotion Application.pdf
  5. Kashia Youth Services Sports Activities Application.pdf
  6. Direct Employment Application.pdf


  1. Revenue Sharing Direct Deposit Application Form.pdf
  2. Revenue Sharing Stop Payment Application Form.pdf
  3. Lost Stolen and Expired Prepaid Card.pdf
  4. Taxpayer W-9 Form.pdf
  5. Payroll Direct deposit form.pdf


  1. Rental Assistance Policy 2014.pdf
  2. Application Instructions for Rental Assist Program ( MS Word required )
  3. Housing Services Application.pdf
  6. WORK ORDER REQUEST ( Microsoft Excel Required )
  7. Rancheria Work Authorization for Services Form ( MS Word required )
  8. Temp. Emergency Housing Assistance Policy 2017.pdf
  9. Rancheria Housing Waitlist Ap.pdf

Services – Other

  1. Burial Assistance Application.pdf 
  2. Member Services Application
  3. Rancheria Community Center Use Policy
  4. Rancheria Community Center Use Agreement and Indemnification
  5. Sell Your Art Policy
  6. Sell Your Art Contract
  7. Sell Your Art Inventory

To View all other forms use Acrobat

If you do not own a copy of Microsoft Word or Excel – you can download “Open office” and install it on your computer :

We take no responsibility to damage caused while installing any program on your computer.

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